How to get here?

By airplane:

Bodø Airport is the closest airport to Saltdal. From the airport you can easily catch a train or a bus to Saltdal. It is also possible to rent a car. 


By «Hurtigruta» or «Kystruta»:

If you arrive in Northern Norway by the coastal route and want to travel to Saltdal, you must disembark from the ship in Bodø. You may then travel by train or bus to your final destination. The train station is located in close proximity, so it is very easy to walk from the harbor to the station. 


From Bodø / Fauske area 

You can easily travel from Bodø/ Fauske to Saltdal by train. Saltdal has three train stations and there are regular trains from Bodø and Fauske. The journey to Saltdal offers a beautiful view of the fjord. (Tip: Choose a window seat on the right side of the train)

It is also possible to travel by bus from both Bodø and Fauske or hire a car from a local car rental company.


From Trondheim

You can easily travel from Trondheim to Saltdal by train. Saltdal has three train stations and there are regular trains from Trondheim to here. The train journey to Saltdal includes crossing the arctic circle and Saltfjellet. 

From Lofoten

The easiest way to travel from Lofoten to Saltdal is to first make your way to Bodø (by airplane, speedboat, ferry or via the coastal route.)  When arrived in Bodø you may travel by train, bus or rental car to Saltdal. 

However, it is possible to travel by bus all the way from Lofoten to Saltdal. If  you wish to do so, board the bus towards Narvik (Bus 300), when you arrive in Lødingen you change to the bus towards Bodø Airport (Bus 100). On arrival in Fauske, disembark the bus at the bus station and change to route 472 towards Saltdal.

(Ask bus driver for details/exchange)


Useful phone numbers and travel information:


Fire: 110

Police: 112

(For non-emergencies, call the police central switchboard on telephone: 02800)

For medical emergencies call: 113

(If you need medical attention but it does not qualify as an emergency you can call the local medical switchboard on telephone: 116117 Here you will be able to speek to a nurse and if needed she will arrange for you to see a doctor that is on call.)

Do you need someone to talk to? Call the national mental health line: 116123

Poison information: +47 22 59 13 00


Road and traffic information:

For updated traffic information call: 175

You may also check the official traffic information website from the Norwegian Road Authorities. You can find the link here: 


Download the app: «Veivesen trafikk" from the Norwegian Road Authorities (Statens Vegvesen)


Weather service:

You can find Norways most popular weather forecast service here: 

You can find updated Avalanche and Landslide warnings here:  


Download the app: "Yr" from NRK and the Norwegian Institute of Metrology.


Public transportation:

Both train and bus tickets can be easily bought different apps or websites. If you are planning to travel by means of public transport during your stay, we recommend that you purchase"Travel Pass Nordland" The travel pass gives you 7 days of unlimited travel by buss and «hurtigbåt» (speedboat) 

For more information and purchase of Travel Pass Nordland follow this link:


Traveling by train:

Saltdal has 3 train stations. Rognan, Røkland and Lønsdal. (Please use the map and filter by «togstasjoner» in order to locate them) Neither of these stations have an operational ticket machine at the station. It is therefore possible to buy a ticket on board the train. You will not be charged an additional fee for doing so. 

However, it is easy to buy a train ticket via an app called «ENTUR»  or via the ENTUR website here:  


Download the app «ENTUR - reiseplanlegger" from Entur AS


Traveling by bus:

If you are planning to use bus as a means of transport in Saltdal, you can easily plan your journey and purchase tickets via the app "Reis" or the national travel website/app  «Entur" 

From 2023 it is possible to purchase single tickets, 24 hour or 3 day tickets. If you are staying longer than 3 day we recommend that you consider purchasing the «Travel Pass Nordland» 


Download the "Reis" app from Nordland Fylkeskommune 

Download the «ENTUR» app from Entur AS


Traveling by taxi:

If you need further transportation, Rognan Taxi can be contacted 24/7 on telephone 07550. It is also possible to book a journey via app. 


Download the "Taxifix" app for easy taxi booking. (The app is only in Norwegian but it is fairly easy to use, you just need to be able to distinguish between  «taxi nå» (which means taxi now) and «taxi senere» (which means taxi later) in order to make a booking. 


Car rental:

The webpage of AVIS car rental (at Bodø Airport) can be found here:

The webpage of Budget car rental (at Bodø Airport) can be found here:


Motorhome renta/ RV rentall:

The local company Polar Bobilutleie rents motorhomes/ RVs. You can find their website here: 


Map navigation:

Saltdal Municipality is currently establishing a digital tourist information service via this map «Langs Dronninga i Nord» We are in the process of translating the solution to English, however currently the map is only functional in Norwegian. 

However with just a tiny knowledge of Norwegian you will be able to use the map like a pro! 

Norwegian Dictionary:

Aktivitet - Activities
Badeplasser - Swimming areas
Bensin - og ladestasjoner - Charging points and petrol stations
Fjellvannsfiske - A list of recommended waters to fish in the mountains
Gapahuker - Small open shelter (Norwegians loves these for a coffe break or use them to bbq)
Helsetjenester - Health Services
Historie - History
Kommunesenter - Location of town centres
Mat og drikke - Food & Beverages 
Nasjonalparker og verneområder - National parks
Natur - og kulturperler - Instaspots! Most beautiful hikes!
Overnatting - Accomondation
Rasteplasser - Places to stop for a break, typical has a toilett and tables, chairs etc. 
Servicetilbud - A list of usefull services like the library, equipmentrental, "vinmonopol" 
Severdigheter - Sights
Skiturer - Skitracks (both xc and randonnee...)
Sykkelstien i Saltdal - Local biketrail 
Sykkelutleie - Bike rental
Togstasjoner - Trainstations
Toppturer - Mountain hiking trails
Turstier - Hiking trails 
Ubemannede hytter - Cabins in the mountain that or open or can be openede with DNT key)
So for example if you are looking for a restaurant, just choose "mat og drikke" and you will find all local restaurants in the map! 


Basic functions of the map solution

Please note that due to the fact that in central parts of Rognan, it may be multiple pins / located on small areas. You will need to zoom in the map in order to be able to see all of them clearly. 

Main menu: At the top right of the top banner you will find a menu symbol, which gives you access to different content. Everything from different languages (if available) and various information

Map Markers: In the map surface you will find symbols/records that point to location-based information, which can be clicked on for additional information

Select category: In the map surface you will find a category selector in the left margin. Here you can choose to show all categories or only the ones you want - one or more. By default, the map shows all categories.

Using free search: At the top of the top banner you will find a search symbol, which gives you access to search in all records that you otherwise find in the map. Nice to use when looking for something specific.

Information per post: In each post you click on, you will be able to bring up different content. Everything from images and text, eventually also films, sound files, attachments and links - related to the current post. Where relevant, you can also find contact information.

Especially for mobile / touch-surface:

Map navigation: Here you can navigate and move the map with one finger and zoom with two fingers. Double "tap" on the map surface will provide a stepwise zoom and centering according to the area of the map you "tap" on.

Your position: You can switch "your position" on and off using the compass needle found in the map area. When ON, the needle appears in RED - and a black dot automatically shows your position on the map, so you can easily see map entries that are closest to your position. When BLACK it is OFF and your location is hidden. 


Visit Saltdal is present on social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions.